This week I would like to share three resources I recently discovered and I think are worth exploring.

#1: PBIS (positive behavior interventions and supports) World is an excellent, free and user-friendly resource for addressing behavior through research-based interventions. It contains links to hundreds of interventions, supports, resources, and data collection tools, all of which are organized into a tier 1 through 3 in a prevention-oriented framework. Designed by a social worker, the purpose is to help guide users through the PBIS implementation process, starting with behavior identification and offering suggestions for interventions. It is ideal for therapists, teachers, counselors and parents.

There are 36 behavior options to choose ranging from Bullying to Poor Peer Relationships. After choosing an area of concern, it takes you through a series of options based on the user’s response, ‘Does this describe the student’? If the user’s response is ‘yes’, it offers a track with related interventions, if the response is ‘no’ it offers a different track of options.

Suggestions are offered in tiers with many simple strategies for reducing the target behavior including worksheets, games and activities. It is suggested that Tier 1 interventions are implemented for at least 6 months before moving on to Tier 2. If interventions are not working at Tier 2, then there is a Tier 3 with more intense interventions. There are data tracking forms for teachers and therapists to document how each intervention is working.

For example, if I choose ‘Poor Peer Relationships’, the following appears;

The student may:

  • Frequent conflicts with peers
  • Frequent tattling on others
  • Have difficulty carrying on conversation or play
  • Exhibit immature or inappropriate play or interactions
  • Annoy and irritate others
  • Difficulty relating to others
  • Trouble sharing, taking turns, and compromising
  • Bother others and get their attention then run away or laugh
  • Eat lunch alone or play alone on playground
  • Antagonize others, instigate, pushy, etc.
  • Only want to play or do what they want to, unwilling to do what others want to do
  • Little to no interaction in classroom or during unstructured times
  • Trouble getting along in groups or pair work
  • Not interact with other children in age appropriate ways
  • Have difficulty making or maintaining friendships
  • Display inappropriate behavior or make inappropriate comments
  • Frequently argue or fight with others

If most of these, describe my student, I would choose ‘yes’ and move to the Tier 1 list of suggestions. The following becomes available:


Each intervention option has accompanying strategies and activities to address the area of concern. This is one of the most valuable resources I have found for working on social skills and addressing behavior.

If you like this site, refer it to a colleague or parent.

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