APP REVIEW: Conversation Builders

conversation photo 1

Conversation is the primary way we communicate. It is also one of the most difficult components of social skills for children and adults with pragmatic language issues. Pragmatic language is the social use of language including non-verbal communication, gestures, turn-taking, use of questions, maintaining topic and saying related and appropriate comments.

Conversation Builder and Conversation Builder for Teens by Mobile Education Store are helpful in facilitating conversational skills.

These apps provide a conversation simulation that is similar to ‘real-life’ and is highly motivating for the students. It gives options for initiating a conversation, responding to someone starting a conversation and maintaining a conversation.  It contains photos of believable children and teens while providing visual and spoken options for responses.

What I like…….

  • Excellent instructions provided for first time users
  • Can choose to have verbal instructions turned on or off
  • Options to have short or longer conversations
  • A variety of appropriate topics are available
  • The student can record their voices
  • Incorrect answers are gently identified with a suggestion so the student can choose again
  • Facial expressions and tone of voice are embedded to look and sound natural
  • Ease with saving conversations and the ability to email and share
  • Parental controls with the Teen version to control more mature topics

The students love hearing their voices and playback is easy with the touch of a button.


What I  would like to see…..

  • Opportunities for the students have conversations with peers and adults simultaneously
  • More sarcasm and situations that are opportunities to identify the difference between annoying and bullying

021608-yellow-comment-bubbles-icon-symbols-shapes-smiley-happyI highly recommend Conversation Builder and Conversation Builder for Teens for parents and professionals. I look forward to more apps from the Mobile Education Store.

This app is much easier to interact with on the iPad vs. the iPhone.

Price- $19.99

One comment

  1. The challenge of being a teenage combined with pragmatic difficulties could be a recipe for ones negative image of self. This app sounds useful in assisting with building the pragmatic language needed to foster healthy relationships.


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