Video Modeling for College Students with ASD


There has been an increase in young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) participating in college with accommodations and modifications for academic support. However, one of the most identifying characteristics of ASD is deficits in the areas of behavior and social skills. Without support in these areas, students may not reach their highest potential (Mason, Rispoli, Ganz, Boles, & Orr, 2012).

This study investigated the effects of effects of video modeling without additional treatment components to improve social-communicative skills, specifically, eye contact, facial expression, and conversational turn-taking in two college students with ASD. The results suggest that both students improved with the opportunity of watching socially appropriate modeling.

Based on this study, I would anticipate that providing video modeling along with social skills training for college student with ASD, could significantly improve their interactions and overall success at the university level.

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Mason, R. A., Rispoli, M., Ganz, J. B., Boles, M. B., & Orr, K. (2012). Effects of video modeling on communicative social skills of college students with asperger syndrome.Developmental Neurorehabilitation,15(6), 425–434.

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